Review: Jazz Twemlow Is A Thinking Person’s Flesh Human


On Jazz Twemlow’s website, he mentions that  ‘with each subsequent good review, his audiences have gradually dwindled.’ So I should probably apologise in advance for this one, because I’m genuinely a fan after watching his Sydney Fringe show  ‘Jazz Twemlow is a Thinking Person’s Flesh Human’.

Described as ‘hilariously bleak’ and a ‘thinking person’s comic’, a lot of the stuff he covers is quite political- climate change, boat people, feminism, religion and abortion (I did love his description of The Bible as being ‘the longest abortion in history’), to name a few. I probably laughed louder than most of the audience when he cracked a few jokes about living in Kings Cross (I live there too), describing the homeless people staring at him like he was King Arthur with Excalibur after he pulled his phone out of a skip. 

The show opened the week after the election, and I think it really tapped into that general post-election depression, and frustration at knowing a lot of the stuff he talked about was going to be completely ignored by Tony Abbott. One of the things that got the biggest laughs was when Jazz held up a beer and said he’d stopped drinking but started again post-election, which I think summed up how a lot of us were feeling at the time.

It was only an hour, but it went by really fast-  there weren’t really any bits where I started to tune out. I laughed out loud a lot but as corny as it sounds, it did really make me think as well.

I think one good thing about Tony Abbott being prime minister is the fact that he’s probably going to inspire some brilliant comedy, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Jazz does. 





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