The Man Whose Comical Australian Accent Was Adopted By Our Prime Minister…

I watched Danny Bhoy’s Opera House DVD once and was completely hooked, despite cringing a little at how accurate some of his observations about Australians were.

His new show at the Sydney Comedy Festival is called Messenger (Please Do Not Shoot), which really has very little to do with the actual show other than maybe a five minute ramble about a frustrated messenger on a horse going back and forth between England and Scotland in the Middle Ages. It’s really more just random cultural anecdotes about differences between The UK, Australia and America, which he recently attempted to ‘crack.’

I think part of the reason he’s so popular over here is his epic Aussie accent. It’s supposed to be a pretty hard accent to get right, but he nails it. Even if he does sound less like an average person you’d meet on the street in Sydney and more like one of those bogans he comes across when he does shows in random country towns. Basically, he sounds like a male Julia Gillard.

Me and A were positively cringing when he did his impression of drunk girls after a night out, wandering around the street with their shoes in their hands going ‘Guys, guys…GUYS?! Where are we going, what are we doing? We have to make a decision NOW! Who are we even waiting for?? Okay, let’s get a taxi! Guys, we’re getting a taxi!’ Sounds pretty straightforward, but picture all this done by a Scottish man wiggling his hips and swanning around on stage with his sensible beige loafer-type-things in his hands, talking like Ja’mie from Summer Heights High.

He went off on a lot of tangents, which I actually didn’t mind, because not only were they extremely funny tangents, but they went on for so long that we completely forgot what he was talking about originally. Like when he started off talking about going to Texas, and ended up getting distracted by the word ‘bottle-o’ (which is what we call bottle shops). It’s a pretty funny word, I guess.

I think I left the show with slightly more defined abs from all the laughing- and it wasn’t helped by the fact that there was this girl at the end of our row who had this loud-high-pitched cackle of a laugh, that even led Danny to stop in the middle of a joke and just wait for her to finish, before remarking that he half expected her to follow the laugh with ‘Hubble bubble, toil and trouble!’ One of the funniest things about comedy gigs , in my opinion, is people with funny laughs.

The only thing I didn’t like about the show was the fact that the ending seemed a bit rushed and tacked-on, but other than that it was an epic night. I think it’s a sign of how awesome Danny is that he can come to Australia and do a national tour with shows that largely consist of bagging us out, and we still love him.

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