Thinking of England: Musings on the Royal Wedding

I’m not sure if I should care about the royal wedding or not.  Well, I did wear my ‘London Calling’ shirt today, but that was pure coincidence. As an Australian/wannabe Brit, I’m kinda like ‘Oh my God, that is so adorable! They have actual royals and people actually get all excited when they get married! It’s like something out of a book!’ Yeah, you can tell I grew up on fairy tales and Enid Blyton. It’s just that there’s something kinda cool about the idea of kings and queens still existing in this world, even if it’s impractical and even if I were British, I’d be annoyed about having to pay taxes to support them.

But my Republican (and by Republican I mean ‘person who doesn’t get why the Queen is still Head of State in Australia’, not Republican as in the American political party) side is kind of like ‘Um, okay. They’re two twentysomethings getting married, the only thing that makes them any more interesting than any other married couple is the fact that the guy’s grandma has a crown and a face that adorns the coins in my wallet.’ Seriously. Wasn’t Prince William the boring one? He was okay-looking a few years ago but now he’s starting to resemble his father.

And Kate? She seems kind of…meh. Lacking in personality. I guess dating a prince does that to you. Plus, if history is anything to go by, English queens named Catherine do not end their lives well- Katherine of Aragon died sick and alone after her husband ditched her, Katherine Howard had her head chopped off and Catherine Parr died in childbirth shortly after her husband started flirting with her stepdaughter. Not that I see any of this happening in this day and age, but I just like dropping useless Tudor trivia into my blog posts. And conversations.

I do think it’s a little crazy that this is literally front page news- in Australia. I opened up the paper on the train home today and saw a good six pages or so devoted to the most trivial details- like, there was someone wearing a silver belt by a certain designer seen meeting with Kate, so is that who’s designing the wedding dress? Or that sales of fruitcake have gone up because that’s what their cake’s going to be (if I ever get married, I am so having mud cake)? I’ll admit I’m mildly interested, but not enough to read six pages about it in the paper.

As I mentioned in my last post, I totally wanted to be a princess growing up. Well, a fairy princess to be exact. And I changed this to fairy princess/writer after my Year 1 teacher said I was good at writing stories. Hard to reconcile with my current feminist self, but really, you don’t have to be a feminist to look at Kate’s life and think ‘Um, HELL NO.’ It goes without saying that she gives up any hope of a career, she’ll be under pressure to have kids (although we have,thankfully, moved past the era where you could be decapitated for not having a boy) and she can’t show any signs of a personality aside from, like, doing charity work, which doesn’t count because it’s sort of expected of her anyway. I’m guessing she’s not thrilled about it either but she’s doing it because she loves him and the prince thing is just part of the deal. The media coverage, however extensive, seems a little jaded this time around- probably because after Diana, everyone sort of realised that it’s not a happily-ever-after.

All in all, it’s probably healthier that I have not met one little girl who wants to be a princess- these days they just want to be actresses-with-singing-careers on the Disney Channel.

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